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Our History

The P.E.O.P.L.E Foundation is a non-profit unincorporated ministry and association of people united with Christ as our head.  Formerly known as The P.E.O.P.L.E. Foundation, a 501(c) 3 charitable organization established in 1993, roots back to the powerful inspirations of God- the Holy Spirit.  For which it stands and works, People’s Effect on Other People’s Lives Everyday through education, service, advocacy and outreach.  Over the years we have been challenged and are ever evolving from an approved 501(3)c organization into an autonomous group of Holy People united in the love of Christ voluntarily and on purpose,  in love, faith, hope and charity dedicated to improving the quality of all life.

Humanitarian Services & Advocacy

  • Provide food, shelter, clothing and transportation needs for homeless and hungry
  • Provides support, education and coaching/counsel for 1st home buyers
  • Public services of worship, fellowship, workshops, individual and group intercessory prayer and wellness counseling.
  • Provide protection and educational assistance to prevent homelessness
  • Professional Career and Vocational Formation & Development
  • Work/Job Placement – Long and short term work opportunities
  • Development of Profit/Non-Profit organizations and ministries
  • Advocates and assists the most vulnerable, especially our children, elders with or without debilitating illnesses who are threatened with the loss of income or a home
  • Builds bridges connecting people, communities, and organizations
  • Promotes building up the Kingdom through with the spirit of charity and volunteerism.
Why …    “An ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold”     BenFranklin


  • To advocate for the young, weak, infirm and marginalized
  • To directly address the root cause(s) of the long growing epic suffering of homelessness and the cycle of poverty and disease worldwide.
  • To minimize the rising health and medical costs; prevent and reduce homelessness; poverty; sickness; unemployment and chronic disease.
  • To encourage, empower, inspire one to aspire and pursue their life purpose of work to prosper and enjoy life’s abundance while building up one another and the Kingdom


Dawn Lim, c.a.w.c  a mother, minister, certified health & wellness counselor, business owner/operator/developer,  pro-life and family life advocate, was born in Chicago, Illinois.  Since childhood she’s had a deep love for music and a profound compassion for justice especially for those suffering from the life-long effects of chronic and debilitating diseases and homelessness.  She is very passionate about motivating people to live a life of happiness, well being and joy.

At the early age of 10, Dawn was passionate about helping people therapeutically so they may enjoy physical and mental happiness and wellness.  Required to assume many responsibilities for her household, she experienced the many demands, pressures and oppositions in society as a young lady.  Anxious as any young women would be she pursued a music career.  Shortly after her acceptance to Miami University Coral Gable’s music & recording program (with trumpet as her primary instrument) her and her family’s faith was challenged when she had to take a different pathway towards all her future dreams and goals for family and self.  Due to the extenuating circumstances with her mother’s illness, Dawn was unable to begin school and began full-time work with a servants heart instead.  After High School graduation, her life and work experiences became so diverse working in many different commercial industries such as food service and distribution; retail, inside/outside sales, service & marketing; plastics, business development, custom wooden crating, manufacturing, machinery moving & rigging, packaging, moving and storage.  With her childhood savings she decided quickly to invest into two successful real estate purchases -her first home and an investment property for her family and future children. Later, relocated to Florida to establish and focus on her family and embark on the work and mission that would transform her childhood compassion into passionate action of justice and service for family, her community and all people for world peace.

In 1993, God led and inspired Dawn to establish the P.E.O.P.L.E. Foundation.  The Foundation was established to benefit people without prejudice.

Faithfully over the years, Dawn compassionately aspired to motivate and empower others to become the highest expression of themselves; to educate – teaching youth basic life skills that aren’t made as part of the regular curriculum in public schools; to help people pursue optimum personal growth, prosperity, harmony and happiness; to advocate for homelessness; and to address the root cause(s) and effective solutions to break the cycle of poverty & disease and increase self sufficiency.

Since the achievement of her 10 year goals, she continues to work full time utilizing 28+ years of extensive, blended professional experiences and health & wellness counselor certification and the ancient science and art of physical, emotional and spiritual healing and well-being with those who are in need and seek assistance.