…it is our duty and our salvation

The Beginning…

Long before the establishment of the PEOPLE Foundation its inspiration came from children and people who were suffering from illness and disability.  Also inspired by organizations such as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jerry Lewis’ Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, the American Cancer Society as well as the many homeless men that publically populated the streets of Chicago, Illinois.  The mission began through the lens of advocacy for the children suffering from disease and its affects. Desperate were their efforts for research, root causes and/or cure(s) for such diseases like multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cancer and homelessness.

MS Pic             Muscular Dystrophy Pic

Am Cancer Society     Homeless Family Pic

In 1993 the vision and mission’s focus was broadened to include advocacy and service for many injustices, especially for children and families who suffer today from homelessness, stroke, heart disease, diabetes – type 1 & 2, asthma,  ADHD, domestic abuse/violence, unemployment and imprisonment.   After sharing personal and public experiences and consulting with various health science professionals, in 2004 we initiated our collaboration with nationally recognized FDA, the CDC and health professionals, to share answers with and for researcher’s inquiries.  Also, with the CDC in sight, a ripple effect was created in our society that became the change that we not only wished to see but so desperately needed for the well being for all life.

FDA Pic  CDC Pic

Realize that none of this would of been possible without God and His Eternal Love for us.  Through His Will, the Light of the Holy Spirit with grace-filled power, and the obedient intercession of our Queen and Mother of heaven earth’s healing messages which descended into open and attentive ears and willful hearts.  In 2004, our mission to restore and replenish prosperity for the whole person and all nations, grassroots continued with a Social Justice Committee and the Office of Advocacy and Justice for the unemployed; feeding the poor and hungry; food safety; the uninsured; people in need of prayer;  healing and/or medical attention, homeless, respect life issues of abortion; the handicapped; our waters, recycling, fair housing, 1st home buyers program, protection from loosing a home and for victims of domestic violence.

Advocacy today continues with intercessory prayer services for healing, health and wellness programs to enlighten many pathways of restoration with a whole person approach to wellness for all.