Workshops-Live Transformations

Live Transformation pic

Photo credit: Breana Pflanz – Rainbow Lake (Illinois 2012)

“Transforming the way we manage our health and wellness”

Whether you’d like to reduce stress, lower and control blood sugar or lower your blood pressure, need answers, seeking wellness, wholeness or remedy for disease, weight loss/gain, or ready to pursue the dreams –

Your path to transforming wellness begins here….

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Come connect more deeply with who you really are for greater vitality, purpose, joy, peace, and prosperity.

  • Rest & Restore

  • Forms of Prayer

  • Meditation

  • Gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit

  • Discover U in YoUrself, CommUnity & the Universe

  • Awaken to …

    • Your Journey of Transformation, Healing & Liberation

    •  Pathways to Health, Wellness & Joy

    • The Light & New Life

    • The Power of Prayer in Your Life

    • The Healer Within

    • To Your Dream

    • Resounding Joy!

    • Walking in the Spirit

    • The Inner Child

    • Freedom

    • Your Mission

    • Abundant Life

    • Healing Touch of God

    • Your Dream

    • The Truth

    • Wellness

    • The Supernatural

  • Find Joy in Creating a Life You’d Love to Live

  • Tune-in & Tune-Up to Wellness