Social Action

Social Action is a non-profit. unincorporated ministry of The PEOPLE Foundation under Social Justice.  We a very small part of many in the universal and apostolic church.   The P.E.O.P.L.E. Foundation and All People’s Spiritiual Temple of CFL is an association of people united in Holy Love striving to be whole – one of many parts which makes up a collective body – the Universal Church.  Rooting back to our one Creator, co-working with the power and inspirations of 1993 .  P.E.O.P.L. E. – for which it stands and works, People’s Effect on Other People’s Lives Everyday through education, service, advocacy and outreach.  Over the years we have been challenged and have ever evolved from a 501(3)c organization into a pastoral ministry and autonomous group of Holy people united in the love of Christ voluntarily with purpose.  We are owned and jointly controlled, to meet common economic, social and cultural needs,  aspirations and endeavors.


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   Micah 6:8            Acts 17:24-38



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                       “Peoples’ Effect On People’s Lives Everyday”