Work Registration Questionnaire

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Date: _________ Response(s) on: _____, ______, ______ Times: ______, _______, ________


Name: ___________________ I’m looking for… __Employment __Volunteer __Other Nombre:                                    Estoy en busca de:     Empleo           Voluntario            Otros

Contact Ph.#:____________________ Email: ______________________________ Teléfono#:                                                    Correo electrónico

Physical Address: ________________________________________________________ Dirección física:

I’m in need of … () Check all that apply: I have to share () Check all that apply:

__ Basics: __Food __Shelter __Clothing __Job Opening __ Clothes/Shoes __Computer Services Open Date: ___ __ FT__ PT __Seasonal __Education/Vocational Training __ Offer open until: ______________

__Financial Counseling __Time & Talent: _________________

__Resume Review or Development __Transportation

__ Transportation __Monetary Donation

__ Religious Vocation Information __Other_________________________

__Discernment Assistance ________________________________

Identification: DL# ______________________ Passport # ____________________ Licencia de conducir# Pasaporte#

I am currently…__ Employed __Underemployed __Unemployed Available __FT __PT __Seasonal

Actualmente soy Empleados Subempleados Desempleados Disponible temporada

Is there employment or a vocation you’re passionate about? Explain or () Check all that apply


__ Administrative/Administración                        __ Medical/médicos

__Activities Director/director de la actividad __ Religious Life/Order

__Banking / Financial/Banca/financier         __ Retail/venta por menor

__Childcare/cuidado de niños                         __Sales/ventas

__   Clerical                                                          __Security/seguridad

__   Construction trade – _________________   __Social Services/servicios sociales

__Creative Arts (Designer, Interior Decorator, Artist, etc.) __Teacher/Profesor

__Culinary Arts Position – ____________________   ____ Warehouse/almacén

__ Driver /controlador                                                           __ Other/Otros

__ Hospitality/hospitalidad                     Would you like us to post?__ Yes  __No                                                                  check…() __ Bulletin/Board __Word of Mouth __Online __ Maintenance/mantenimiento

List 3 of your unique skills: 1) __________________ 2) _____________________ lista 3 de tus habilidades   3) ___________________

What do you really enjoy doing so much that the times passes so quickly? ___________________________

I have interest / would like to learn more about … __Resume, Resources & Opportunities__ Intercessory Healing Prayer    __ Vocations   __ Developing Leadership Skills                                        __ Other (list): __________________________________________

————————————————————————–Resume attached/Tienes un curriculum vitae? Y / N


Que tipo de trabajo buscas?

Tiempo parcial o tiempo completo? Por favor explicar horas.

If not, list 3 employment references. Si no se, lista de referencias de empleo 3.




Do you have transportation? Tienes transporte? Automovile o autobus? O Caminando

For a love offering, would you like us to post your availability for hire, skills and talents on our website?

Y or N

¿Para un amor que ofrece, desea publicar la disponibilidad de alquiler, habilidades y talentos en nuestro sitio web?

o No gracias

Would you like us to post online? Y or N ¿te gustaría publicar en línea? Si o No gracias

I would like to schedule an appointment for / Me gustaría programar una cita para _________________________________________________________ workshop(s)/taller(es).

List workshop of most interest and/or of most need. Lista de talleres de mayor interés/necesidad

My best times of availability (days & times): ___________________________________________

Mis mejores momentos de disponibilidad (días y horarios): ______________________________

Office Use: Opportunities

Email Dawn: 2004-2016 P.E.O.P.L.E. Foundation & Social Action Ministries                                                                                                                                                                       of  All People’s Spiritual Temple of CFL & St. John Vianney  



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