Transportation Ministry

On the Road to Emmaus

Trouble?   Need a vehicle, a ride, repairs or have a special delivery ? 

“Trouble is our transportation to liberation”   Joel Osteen


We’re a compassionate transportation service ministry that is dedicated to assisting, moving and uplifting people physically and spiritually to self sufficiency since 1993.  As we encounter and journey with each person’s universally shared yet unique needs, we’re dedicated to encouraging everyone to stay connected to family, neighbors, their community and the nurturing resources within their community.  We are all interdependently and delicately connected to one another. Our services of hospitality, low-cost and free transportation services include trips to/from school, work, ministerial/apostolic works, church services, hospitals, grocery/department stores,  doctors appointments, airports, financial service providers; and pick-up and delivery of various donations of food, goods and commercial equipment. We’re committed to getting people who are unable to drive or are permanently or temporarily without dependable transportation, as well as transporting their loved ones and valuables to their destinations of choice.


Help support us. We accept cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, airplanes, farm equipment etc.  If you have a unique item, call our toll free number for assistance.     Click Donate A Vehicle Now Vehicle Donation            Free, Easy, Fast… Get a tax benefit and a big “Thank you!” from us.                                                                                                 Give.  Support.  Care. 

26' Intl Box Truck20160831_144418-120160831_144546-1

                  Trucking                                 Luxury 5 Passenger  SUV                                   Grand Caravan
NYC Transit Bus                                                                                             20160831_150046-1transportation
      Public Bus                                                                            Domestic/Int’l  Air/Ocean/Train                                    Luxury 5 Passenger Car                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

20160831_145634-1-1  T & C Interior20160831_145503-1

Town & Country Touring              Flex 7 passenger/Cargo Cabin      Double Sliding & Rear Door 



Grand Caravan



MARCH 2018

“What a beautiful soul. Extremely caring and I am so happy that I had the pleasure           to meet her Thank you”

“Amazing person”


“She was on time”“Thanks again!! We enjoyed your company”

“Dawn was very personable and genuine.  We recommend her highly!”

“Fantastic local knowledge! Thank for a great trip”

“Excellent Service”


“So helpful and nice!  I like her a lot!!  Thank you for being a great driver after a  rough morning”


“She is very nice and respectful driver”

“This was my first experience. If they’re all like this, I’m looking forward to more…”


“Excellent Service”

December 2017

“Thank you again for helping my family in need”

“Thank you for the mechanic reference!”

” Muy Amiable”

November 2017

“Thank you to all of the parent volunteers and chaperones for a weekend long of caring for our kids and working hard, and thank you to…for driving the Uhaul trucks all weekend long!”

“We’re thankful for you Dawn…you’ve provided top notch service…just for being you, you received 32 compliments.  Out of all these…they say most: “Excellent Service” – Thank you …Happy Thanksgiving! …”

“Thank you for your patience”

“You’re so nice and attentive to everything.  Thank you so much!  I’m so grateful just to have a ride to get to work”

“Excellent Driver”

“Expert Driver”

October 2017

“Thank you for driving the Prop Trucks”

“You’re such a good driver, you really are!  Thank you”

“Thank you so much for taking me where I needed to go!”


“Best driver ever!”

“Drove very carefully with my baby in the car. Very helpful and friendly!”

“Very Nice!”

“Excellent personality and knowledge”

“Great conversation”


” Truly the best ride it was really really the smoothest- enjoyed it thank you”

“Excellent Service”

“Above and Beyond”


“Neat & Tidy”


“Great Service”


“Wanted to thank you for great conversation and service”

January 2017

“Excellent service!”

“Neat & Tidy, it’s spotless in here! Thanks for keeping your vehicle sparkling clean”

“Excellent Service. Your service made me feel extra special! Thanks for taking such good care”

“Great Conversation!”

“Thank you Dawn. It was nice to meet you. Wishing you well.”

December 2016

“Awesome Music” (Christmas)

“Happy New Year! thanks. if you are available for Sunday morning, I will set my call in at 6am. hope you can”

“Thank you!”

November 2016

“Thank you so very much”

“Thank you for the superior service!”

“thank you  Dawn”


“everything, She was an awesome driver, took us to get some things at CVS then drove us back to the hotel.”

“she was very accommodating and pleasant”

“all good thnx”

“Thank you Dawn!”

“Thank you.”

October 2016

“Thank you for providing riders with safe and reliable rides during the extreme circumstances of Hurricane Matthew. You didn’t have to be on the road, but the transportation you provided was a huge help to the Orlando community.”

“Excellent”“Knowledgeable, friendly, quick. Great experience”

“Super friendly, great ride!”

“awesome trippp great driver” emojiemojiemojiemojiemoji

“todo gracias oj”

“Thank you🙂 You were great help. Didn’t ask for a tip. My bad. Have a great day!”

“Thank you for providing riders with safe and reliable rides during the extreme circumstances of Hurricane Matthew. You didn’t have to be on the road, but the transportation you provided was a huge help to the Orlando community.”

September 2016

“ty trip was awesome”


“Thank you for taking the time to help me today. I really appreciate it!”

“Thanks D!”


” : ) thanks”


“Thanks, the airport passed very quickly and smoothly”


“Helped with several stops made sure I got to work on time. Super polite and friendly”

“…very kind and customer service oriented”


“Perfect Ride”

“Good Service”

A Female! Yay!!!! Thank you!!! p”

“Thank you”

“Very nice and helpful”

“Friendly Driver”