Vocational Services

~ Ephesians 4:2-7; 11-14 ~

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 Be extraordinary! Live by faith and the stirrings of the heart…

We are all chosen and equipped with love, purpose and a passionate mission that calls us to share our love serving others making reparation for all souls for the joy and fulfillment of abundant life.

Are you seeking to discover your purpose now?   You are called to happy and sacred life whether through prayer, education, social service, healthcare, sacramental priesthood, parenthood, childhood, Ministry, Manual Labor, etc… why wait?  Begin to discover and bring clarity into your life.  If you are ready to take time to sift through all your questions and the many voices of your life please contact us today for a consultation to help assure your footing as you continue to walk down your predestined pathway of profession, Holy Love and service.

“Your vocation will only be as strong as you are holy. The only way to be holy is through the embrace of Holy Love, for Holy Love is the embodiment of the Ten Commandments. Through Holy Love you will find your way to a deeper prayer life and be open to small and
great sacrifices.”
“The Lord desires your spiritual prowess, for it is through your strengths He is strong. It is by your efforts in personal holiness He
can and will reach others.”           ~               
May 24, 2014 4th Remonstration of St John Vianney to all clergy through Holy Love visionary.