Workshops – Vocation

Work / Career / Vocational Development Workshops

  • Resumes, Resources & Opportunities – Create or Update Your Resume
  • 7 Sure Steps to Success & 7 Spiritual Laws & Actions
  • Leadership Skills

Awaken to …

  • Your Dream

  • Your Mission

  • Success

Free Initial Consultation – Work / Career / Vocational Development (30-45 minutes)

Introduction, registration, and personal interview

1st “Succession” Consult – assessments and evaluation overview 1-2 days after initial

Re-Assessment(s) “Succession” Consult – assimilate changes/progress approximately 28+ days after initial consultation.

Health & Wellness Workshops

To address specific imbalance(s), a custom tailored personal plan can be created to accommodate your schedule to correct issues concerning sleep, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, acne, digestion, elimination, hormone imbalances, fatigue, anxiety, arthritis, depression etc.

Learn about a holistic approach to achieve and maintain wellness based on the ancient wisdom and knowledge of longevity with roots that trace back 5-6000 years to the ancient East. The secret to health is knowing how to take care of your body, mind and soul.  Immerse yourself in a natural and traditional health science that is practical and incorporates daily habits that are simple to follow. Learning a simple lifestyle  can improve mental, physical health and be restored and rejuvenated for optimal wellness.

Immerse yourself in these available program for optimum health and healing.  Enjoy different forms of prayer, Yoga, nutrition, diet and food preparations to re-align, heal and tune the body to its natural, healthy rhythm.

Initial Consultation – (60-75 minutes)

Registration, Introduction and an Initial Assessment / Evaluation to discover your unique constitutions.

1st Healing “Succession” Workshop Assessment of whole body wellness, evaluation overview for areas of interest and concern 1 week  after your initial consultation.

2nd Healing “Succession” Consult Customized diet and lifestyle planning after completion of your 1st “Succession” consultation and commitment.

Re-Assessment(s) “Succession” Consult – Assimilate changes/progress approximately 14, 28, 60 & 90 days after initial consultation.

Pathways to Health, Wellness & Joy

After an initial and evaluation of constitution, imbalances, prognosis and the diet and lifestyle consultation you are invited to learn of many pathways that will lead to good health, wellness and ultimately joy.

Pathway to Enlightenment

Journey of Transformation, Healing & Liberation Workshop Series

Learn proven and effective ways to


  • Treat and manage the root imbalance/cause of disease
  • Quicken restoration in the whole body
  • Build confidence in your body’s natural healing ability
  • Address personal health issues & life concerns 


Power of Prayer

Praying the Power of Prayer Into Your Life Workshop Series

Learn different forms of prayer to unleash the power of prayer within yourself for an abundant life.


Tuning Fork Music

Tune-in and Tune-up Workshop Series

Designed to fine tune your health while improving your energy, metabolism, and rest.